Crayola Glow Book

Crayola Glow Book For Chrismas Gift
If you have children or kids in your house and they like to draw or create some artworks. I suggest you to buy Crayola Glow Book as a gift in this chrismas. I think that your kid will loves it and this is will be a fun and education gift. 

Crayola Glow Book

What is Crayola Glow Book?
Glow Book is like a “book” but not real book. It is a creative toy and your children can create moving, glowing and animated art.  Your children will be get fun when making several cartoons, drawings and also message signs. This Glow Book have four panels of plastic or removable drawing surfaces with 6 marker colors.  First, remove that panel to color on with marker. After that, insert that panel to a red binder. Light them in sequence to create motion. Use it in the dark and you will see the colors glow. It’s very fun for our children. This toy make your kids’s creation/drawing become something different and more interesting for them, your family or their friends.  
Glow Book In The Dark

With 4 clear plastic panels, your children can drawing with separate layers by using 6 color markers. Your children also can place that panel on top of design for simple tracing or just make a drawing on that panel. They learns to drawing with layers and i think this is good for them. Right now, several drawing or photo software like AutoCAD, Photoshop or something else use layers. But our kids learn about layers with simple and interesting ways. It’s very helpful when they are getting older and meet with something more complicated. 

When your children wanna to make a new artwork or drawing. You can clean the panel with paper towel or a soft damp cloth. After that panel is clean and dry, your children can reuse it and make a new artwork or drawing.  

What is in the box of Glow Book? 
When you buy this toy, you will get a Glow Book, Six Glow Markers, Four Panels for drawing, 4 design for tracing, and intructions. The product includes three AA Batteries. 

You can buy rechargeable batteries (AA Batteries) for this toy, because it’s better than just use usually batteries and save your money. So your children can play and drawing in this toy for several hours.  

For more detail information about this product or looking for another review about this toy, you can find here. There are a lot of good reviews from other buyer or parents. 

This is a good toy for children ages 6 and up, and I recommended this toy because have education value and make our children creative with their artworks and drawing.