Saturday, November 26, 2011

Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Magic Light Brush

Color Wonder Magic Light Brush
If your kid around 6 until 15 years old, i recommended Color Wonder Magic Light Brush. You don't have to worry because this brush is "MESS-FREE". Crayola make "COLOR WONDER" series include this Magic Light Brush in one mess-free creative system.  Both inks and paints are clear, and will be appear only on special paper. 

When your kid plays Color Magic Light Brush in your home. That paints and inks will not appear on your home's wall or on your furnitures.

Crayola Magic Light Brush has become one of best seller toy. Because of that, this tend to SELL OUT very quickly and make some online store OUT OF STOCK.

So get Color Wonder Magic Brush right NOW and be sure to order here to avoid disappointment

Let's your kid play and draw with their creativity.

Magic Light Brush

Magic Light Brush’s features:
  • “Mess-Free” when your kid uses this brush.
  • shiny metal effects from Color Wonder Metallic Paper
  • Brush lights up to identify each paint color
  • Has Clear paint and only appear on Special Color Wonder paper
  • Paper clip to holds color wonder paper
  • Built in carry handle for easy portability

This is my Pros and Cons about Color Magic Light Brush:
  • Low price (in November 2011 around $15 - $30)
  • Without creating  a new mess in your house
  • This toy can develop your kid's creativity and imagination

  • Need some money to refill this product (inks and papers)

The Color Wonder Refill Pad (Drawing Pad with 30 pages) and Magic Light Brush Paint are MUST HAVE for this magic brush.

If your kid like to draw and color, you can give this as a nice gift. Your kid will love it. It’s better than just buy a drawing book. If you want to find where to buy this brush or more detail information about this, you can find it here

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glow Book

Glow Book for Cristmas Gift
When i’m browsing in the internet when looking “what’s toy for my kid in this christmas?”. I found this unique “drawing book”. It’s more than just a drawing book. Because my kid have some hobby to drawing and make a lot of workarts. I decide to buy Crayola Glow Book for that reason.
You can watch this video below, i found it in youtube

This toy is BEST SELLER and MUST HAVE product, if you are interesting where to buy that toy with the best price. You can ORDER NOW here.
This toy book have four clear pages or panels like a book and 6 color markers. Your kids can drawing or tracing other drawing in every pages. You can remove every pages or panels and draw it with color markers. After that, you can reinsert that pages into the red binder. Turn off the light in your room and start to pushing the button on the left and your kid’s drawing will glowing in the dark.
Crayola Glow Book

It's very cool and the drawing become a “live”. My kid loves this book and always drawing before go to bed for sleep. With the timer on the book, the lights sleep after 60 minute. So I don’t have to worry when my kid are falling asleep.
With clear panels, your kid also can tracing some picture. Just put that panel above your tracing sheet. I have several tracing sheet in pdf (seven tracing sheet). I get it from their official website ( If you are interesting, you can download and print it for your kid.
You can download it here. (I already upload it in

As alternatif, i put that tracing sheet on google docs if you wanna view and print it:
I buy 3 rechargeable “AA batteries” for this Glow Book. When your kid wanna make a new artwork, just wipe the panels with tissue or cloth and reuse. After several times to use this toy, i think this toy Durable and well made. It’s doesn't require to buy some refills except the batteries . Just remember to buy 3 AA batteries.

This is a very good toy with education art value for children ages six and up. You can play it with your kid and I sure that your kid will loved the book. The Glow Book will keep your kid very busy and fun for several nights.

I recommend this GLOW BOOK as a cristmas gift and if you wanna find more information about it. You can find HERE.